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Our mission,

We are producing each product like it is our only product; We work harder, more comfortable, and stylish designs for every day to day. While experiencing the excitement of the first season, we are doubling the reliability and reliability of our brand. While producing Venus Shoes for ladies’ convenience and comfort, Venus is working for become the most preferred brand of our country and the world.

Our vision,

The world’s most preferred brand of women’s shoes to be.

About Us

We have an dream, like to be the most preferred brand of the world …

Big steps in a short time …

Our amateur spirit, our professional team, our ever-increasing experience, our carefully prepared collections contribute to the development of the sector by keeping the sector light every season. While our unique designs create the most important feature of our products, they can meet your needs in all seasons without compromising on quality, health, sensuality and chicity by considering your foot health. We keep pre-sales customer satisfaction before and after sales while we provide service from every production to sales.

With our modern production facilities with large production capacity, we produce thousands of products every day for you and present to our valued customers.

For the first time, we have brought together the Airflow system, which has been thought of for the ones who can not give up their foot health and comfort, Our Ariflow system is being developed ever more and continues to create an indispensable “Foot Health”.

While we are delighted to present our Tracking, Spring and Airflow systems to you, we are constantly working to introduce Guardio to you in our modern production facilities.

Working to make you happy is the greatest happiness we hear …

For together make millions of steps every day …